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Our Team


Hi, I’m Adrian, I’ve been a leading mortgage industry professional for the last fifteen plus years and have a wide breadth of knowledge and experience in the wholesale and conventional space.


My experience helps my customers navigate through the entire financing process from preconstruction, to building, to in-process realtors, attorneys, and bankers.  


Through these negotiations, I’ve gained the understanding of the individual nuances of a sale or purchase. Everyone’s economic and life situation is unique, we help all types of people from different backgrounds to accomplish their goal. My priority is to listen to our clients needs and story, and to provide them with a solution whether it’s immediate or long-term.


I’ve specialized in home purchases and first-time home-buying processes, non U.S residents, self employed and multiple property owners/investors and have become so adept in  guidance and the ability to navigate the complicated processes, that I’m called upon frequently to guide clients who may be under-prepared in order to get them better prepared and into the type of home-ownership they are looking for.


Born and raised in Venezuela, I am bi-lingual and ready to serve the Latin American population looking to receive the best guidance for their specific situation with no impediments!

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My name is Ariana Ortega, I’m a Closing Coordinator who is passionate about life, and getting everything out of it that is possible.  This is felt in everything I do for PRMG, my clients, and it's felt in my personal goals and activities. I LOVE my job.


For the past five years, I have been working in the mortgage industry after completing a degree in Administration in Real Estate. I get to see people achieve their home-ownership dreams and craft the lives they want. This constantly gives me a new found lesson in each and every transaction. Always motivated to be the best advocate for my clients and a positive asset to my team, My ultimate goal is for my team and I to touch as many lives as we can, make the financing process as smooth as we possibly can, and be one of the first teams in the country.  

Emigrating from Caracas, Venezuela, I have completely assimilated to South Florida life finding my favorite things to do are always outside. I’m very into skating and being by the water.  When I’m not making people’s dreams come true, I have got a sense of work-life balance important in making my own dreams come true, which I feel adds a phenomenal sense of purpose to any team.


Hello, my name is Alondra Rivera, I am from Bayamon, Puerto Rico and I work as a Sales Assistant at PRMG. I joined the mortgage industry to explore my passion for real estate. I enjoy assisting our community in achieving everyone's goal in life to purchase their dream home. I've been through the process of buying a home and personally know how stressful it can be; because of that, I do my best to make people feel comfortable throughout their process and help them as much as possible. Apart from helping the community, I love to go to the beach with my family and explore our beautiful Florida Keys.

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